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Start with our Foundations Program! Come to meet your coach for three 1-on-1 sessions (60 minutes each) on your availability. You will learn the basics of the CrossFit exercises in our classes and will become familiar with handling the different equipment we have, and the weight load your fitness capacity allows to start. After that, you get to experience our group classes and test your brand new skills.

Experience CrossFitter?

Try us, with a free trial class! No stress, no commitment. Let us tell you about who we are and what we do, show you around the gym, answer your questions, and create a plan to move forward.

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We understand that just getting to the door can be intimidating and that everyone is starting in a different place. The only expectation is that you commit to giving us 100% of your best effort. In return, we commit to giving you world class coaching in a small group setting, maximizing your valuable workout time, and making REAL IMPROVEMENT in your fitness. We genuinely care about each of our athletes and are obsessed with keeping you safe and progressing toward your goals. You will not find a more welcoming or caring community in which to work on your fitness. We unfailingly support one another in the pursuit of better versions of ourselves.

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