Jesse Sanchez

Train with Jesse Sanchez, a leading CrossFit coach at our gym in Round Rock, TX – perfect for those searching 'CrossFit near me'.

​My journey began January 5,2013. I had no idea the impact of fitness would have in my life or how many people I would be able to help during my journey. I challenge myself to be as knowledgeable in movements standards from your basic push- up to a technical snatch. I’ve competed in many Crossfit competitions and CrossFit opens and I can honestly say I’ve never lost a competition. Not in the sense of winning or losing or podium placement, I’ve won in the sense that I’ve learned from each one. I tackle all my weaknesses head first. I do these things not for the benefit of self but to be able to teach others on their journey.

I know the struggles in fitness, I’ve been up and been down but I’ve never quit. I’ve trained hard as a competitive athlete for many years to reach my goals. Using that mindset and the experiences, l’ve transitioned into coaching. Starting in 2016 and then in 2019 when I started coaching kids. Instructing has been a very rewarding experience for me. Guiding future athletes and helping build their foundations in health and life. I believe Fitness should be a fun and rewarding experience. I will take you to the next level and challenge you both mentally and physically. Motivate and inspire is not just a tattoo I have on my right shoulder. I believe that through and true