Lance Berg

General Manager
Lance Berg CrossFit Coach At Gym In Round Rock, TX

‚ÄčI found Crossfit as just another form of working out. I grew tired of chest and tri’s, back and bi’s, 30 minutes of cardio. I wanted more, I needed more. When stumbling across a video one day I thought to myself, “well man… that looks like fun!” The next day I found the closest box to me and dropped in for a workout. I was hooked! There wasn’t much about the experience that I didn’t like. I enjoyed being face down on the concrete, head in arms, gasping for air and drenched in sweat. I loved looking over and seeing my fellow athletes destroyed along with me.

About a year later I realized how involved I already was and how dedicated I had become and decided to get my Level-1 certification . Since then I have dedicated my self deeper into this world of fitness and obtained my Level-2 certification. Helping the everyday person begin to realize their capability and test their limits on a daily basis made me fall more in love with the sport that I had already come to enjoy. When people ask me “What is CrossFit?” I can never explain it to them. I always have to tell them to just come check it out. No, we’re not all world class athletes. No, we do not flip tires every day.

If you want a community that will cheer you on, suffer with you, grind with you, and shine with you, then CrossFit is your answer. I love this community and everything it has done for me. I hope I can be apart of doing the same for you!