Megan Camargo

Assistant General Manager
"Looking for 'CrossFit near me'? Join Megan Camargo CrossFit Coach At Gym In Hutto

​​I first found Crossfit in April of 2015 through a friend and coworker. I had recently given birth to our second child and was desperately searching for the motivation to get myself back in shape. Crossfit offered the perfect environment of a great workout, all modified to my own abilities, individually guided coaching, yet all within the comfort of a community of others just like myself.

Everything about Crossfit had me hooked from the start and after eight years of restaurant management, I knew this was my true passion. I became a CFL1 in November of 2017 to continue my learning and to be able to help others find their motivation and be better versions of themselves, just as it had done for me. I moved to Texas with my husband and two children in late 2017 and am excited to continue this journey in life. My goal is to learn something new and be better every day so I can share my knowledge with those that I serve.